Bass Lessons in Decatur, GA

About Me

A picture of Kelly McCarty, who teaches guitar, piano, and bass lessons in Decatur, GA.

Kelly McCarty teaches bass, piano, and guitar lessons in Decatur, GA.

My name is Kelly McCarty, and I teach bass lessons in Decatur, GA. I have been playing bass for almost 20 years and teaching lessons for over 10. I studied Composition and Theory at Kansas State University and then went to Florida State University to get my Masters in Jazz Studies.  I specialize in educating beginner to late intermediate players in all styles, including rock, jazz, and classical.  I also teach upright bass, which I consider to be my main instrument. My goal is to keep lessons fun, making a point to teach music specific to what each student enjoys. I absolutely love teaching bass!

Bass Lessons

If one thing’s certain, it’s that there will always be a shortage of good bass players! We’re always in short supply, because all bands in every genre absolutely need something holding down the low end.  Alongside performing regularly, teaching bass lessons is a professional passion to me. I love dissecting and talking about the tiny details that go into making a bassline groove hard enough that the rest of the band can sit on top of it. I consider it an art form in its own right! I understand that teaching bass lessons is a professional craft unique to performing, so I’m careful to be a teacher that responds to the feedback and interest levels of my students.  Lessons are scheduled in blocks of 30 minutes, but I leave a little space between so we always have time to finish what we’re learning.  I am happy to do house calls, or we can meet at my home studio.

Student Performances

Performance is a good supplement to piano lessons.

VillageFest is an annual concert for young performers hosted by

Taking bass lessons is great, but many students dream of getting out and playing. Being comfortable onstage is a muscle that has to be exercised before it can be flexed. For this reason, Kevin and I work very hard to set-up live music events where our students can perform. These are great chances for young musicians to develop confidence in their playing and show their hard work. All the same, we both realize that some folks just love to play for themselves, so our students are never pressured into stressful situations.