Desmond Myers

Guitar and Bass Lessons

Desmond teaches piano and guitar in Southwest Atlanta and Decatur

Originally from North Carolina, Desmond Myers has been performing teaching and writing music since he was in his teens. Desmond’s path to music was encouraged by his father who was a guitar enthusiast and impressed upon him the importance of blues legends such as Albert King and Jimi Hendrix from a young age. Desmond quickly took up his father’s guitar obsession – at one point having three separate guitar instructors in order to absorb a breadth of musical styles. In addition to learning jazz and folk with John Tosco, he studied classical and latin guitar styles under Professor John Bailey at the North Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Center.

Desmond has extensive performance experience, both nationally and internationally. His role as a singer and instrumentalist in Charlotte’s long-standing Tosco Music Party led to new opportunities for his original music in Europe. During his 8 years living and working abroad in Munich, Germany and Paris, France, Desmond performed both his original music and as a songwriter and touring member of The Band Her, a French synth-pop band where Desmond supplied lyrics, guitars, and keys and was lead guitarist and vocalist at the Lido de Paris latest show “Paris Merveilles.”

In parallel to performing, Desmond has had the opportunity to teach students of many ages (5-65 years old) and from broad cultural backgrounds. In Germany, he taught at the “Private Music Institute of East Bavaria” and “Musikschule Wittl” where he handled a roster of 20+ students and taught lessons in a variety of styles including jazz, rock, metal, folk and classical. In France, he worked with  “La rock school de Paris” to help students develop their guitar and voice skills, and cheered them on at the end-of-the-year showcase at a prominent Parisian jazz club.

Now in Atlanta, Desmond is thrilled to be a part of the Music Lessons Decatur team where he will be teaching guitar, piano, bass and ukulele. He hopes to impart on students the importance of creativity and variety in music and sees it as his duty to follow and adapt to the passions of each student while exposing them to new styles and genres.  Students also have the chance to learn more about improving their on-stage performance skills, songwriting, and producing their original music in some of the leading digital audio softwares.