Kelly McCarty

Piano, Bass, and Guitar Lessons

A picture of Kelly McCarty, who teaches bass, piano, and guitar lessons in Decatur, GA.

Kelly McCarty teaches bass, piano, and guitar lessons in Decatur, GA.

Being the son of two music teachers translated into my life joyfully revolving around music. It also meant exposure to a wide range of music ranging from classical to jazz, rock to hip hop, and so on. My musical journey began at the age of 7, when I finally got the chance to jump on my family’s coveted upright piano. As I got older, I took up cello, trombone, guitar, and a host of other instruments before settling on bass as my main thing. My first professional gig on bass came at age 13 and I never looked back. After high school, I studied Composition and Theory at Kansas State University and then went to Florida State University to get my Masters in Jazz Studies. Alongside maintaining a private studio on multiple instruments, I served on staff at both universities. This gave me the chance to teach a wide range of classroom subjects. As a performer, I’ve kept busy gigging with many notable area artists, as well as multiple theatre tours for Big League Productions, NYC. I firmly believe music is the healthiest of all disciplines for any mind, and I’m fired up about helping anyone learn more about it!


Trumpet vs. Drums from kelly mccarty on Vimeo.