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About Us

A picture of Kevin Leon and Kelly McCarty, who teach piano lessons in Decatur, GA.

Kevin and Kelly teach private piano lessons in Decatur, Georgia.

We are Kevin Leon and Kelly McCarty, piano teachers in Decatur, GA.  We both carry college degrees in music and specialize in teaching piano lessons to beginner and intermediate students.  It is our belief that music education should be fun.  Students who find a love for music have something they can keep for life.  We’re excited to share our love of music and the piano with anyone interested in learning.

Piano Lessons

Kevin’s first private music instruction came from a teacher whose teaching approach was very rigid.  His teacher focused only on what he had deemed important.  Little attention was given to Kevin’s musical interests in music or his specific needs as a student.  That experience is why we are very focused on teaching piano lessons that offer each student a unique course of study.  We always make sure to build a strong understanding of music’s fundamentals at the same time.  We make house calls if you are the busy type.  Students can also come to our studios if they need a quiet place to take their lessons.

Student Performances

Performance is a good supplement to piano lessons.

VillageFest is an annual concert for young performers hosted by DunwoodyMusic.net.

We highly encourage all of our students to perform in public in addition to taking piano lessons.  Playing music in a group or for other people is as important as taking private lessons and practicing.  The nerves related to performing in front of others are totally normal and take time to overcome.  The more often you get out and play music, the less they’ll get to you!  Even the most confident performers have their moments of insecurity.  Music Lessons Decatur puts on concerts throughout the year in conjunction with www.dunwoodymusic.net.  These are great opportunites and students are strongly encouraged to participate!  We will never force a student to perform if they are not comfortable.